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March 1, 2022

Ep 19- What's With All the Acquisitions? with Sterling Dodd

Today's episode features Sterling Dodd talking about Acquisitions in the RV Industry. Sterling acquires, manages, and sells destination-style RV parks and campgrounds with Wolf Hill Investments. He is also a Capital Advisor for Fervent Capital which specializes in capital advisory for owners and operators in the outdoor hospitality space.

He’ll share his thoughts on why there is so much acquisition currently taking place in the space and what to look for if you’re looking to sell your park. Let us know what you think!


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Sterling Dodd Profile Photo

Sterling Dodd

Fervent Capital

Sterling is the Managing Principal at Wolf Hill Investments. Wolf Hill responsibly acquires, manages, and repositions destination-style RV parks and campgrounds. Additionally, Sterling actively manages the Outdoor Hospitality vertical at Fervent Capital Advisors. Fervent specializes in capital advisory for owners and operators in outdoor recreation, hospitality, and other alternative asset classes.